Logistical Support Services 

Malta central's position in the med right on the passage between the east and the west, has served us well through history. In terms of our position specifically for oil and gas related logistics, one of the areas in which Accountancy Direct specialises, Malta is fortunate to be positioned within close proximity to the oil and gas wells in the central med and north Africa. Accountancy Direct is well positioned to service rigs ,drilling vessels, seismic vessels in transit from projects in the Atlantic and west Africa to the eastern med and far east.

Accountancy D offer proper Pre planning Stages to clients in the Oil and Gas industry which is vital in order to avoid waste of time. After pre planning takes place we then start mobilisation for the start of any project down to De mobilisation after completion of the Project.

Our logistic services for the oil & gas industry include:


  • Bunkering offshore or quay side

  • Crew changes including tranship visa

  • Specialist underwater Services

  • Tank Cleaning Services

  • Surveys & Class certification

  • Offshore launch services

  • Spares clearance and delivery

  • Storage & warehousing

  • Supplies/provisions

  • Slops disposal/sludge/bilge disposal

  • Garbage Disposal

  • Repair teams for offshore or within port

  • Riding teams

  • Life raft repairs/servicing

  • Fresh water delivery offshore or within port

  • Emergency services such as helicopter services

  • Medical services

  • Drydocking Repairs


  • Pre Planning Stage

  • Understanding clients needs

  • Gather all information

  • Careful organisation

  • Providing efficient solutions


  • Greeting Master, Crew, Supretendents and all parties concerned

  • Key meetings - Engaging all services required

  • 24/7 operational contact


  • Pre planning demobilization

  • Getting in touch with all parties concerned again

  • Key meetings - Engage all services required